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How Do I Know If My Car Needs To Be Towed?

After a car accident, it’s entirely possible that you may need a tow service to help you out. When you’re in an accident, you’ll need to know what to do, as taking the right steps will guarantee you get all the help you need as quickly as possible. 

With this in mind, here’s a guide to knowing when to call for a tow service after an accident.

Assess Your Current Situation

After even a minor accident, you might feel some disorientation, so it’s important you take a step back and assess your situation. If other cars are involved or someone is injured, make sure you call the emergency services first. 

Next, you’ll need to safely inspect the vehicle for any signs of damage, so look for any leaking fluids and damage to the wheels, tyres, body, and windscreen.

Check If The Vehicle’s Roadworthy

If the car is no longer roadworthy, continuing to drive it in these circumstances is illegal. The smallest crash could make driving your car unsafe, so always conduct every check thoroughly. 

This may include inspecting the exterior lights, double-checking the condition of your tyres and the car’s body, closely inspecting again for any leaks, and assessing your suspension and brakes. 

This isn’t just about keeping you safe, but others as well; a broken light could make it harder for another road user to see you at night.

Investigate Your Insurance Options

Even if your car is roadworthy, it’s good practice to check your insurance because you can violate the coverage if you keep on driving after the accident. 

The vehicle might work fine, but it could still have invisible damages, and driving could make them worse, even if you’re just driving to a garage. You might get no compensation for the injuries or damages if you keep on driving, but it’s typically best to contact your provider directly to get a clear picture of your insurance situation.

Test Your Car

Assuming the damage is definitely minimal, and your insurance provider is okay with you driving the car, test it by restarting the vehicle. After letting it idle for a brief moment, check the brakes and steering wheel while you look at the dashboard for any warning signals. 

If you see any warning lights, switch off the car and call a towing service. Otherwise, you can drive at a low speed and listen out for any strange noises or differences in how the car handles.

If your vehicle handles just as it did before the accident and passes the other checks, you may keep driving, but you should get in touch with a tow service otherwise.

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