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What Are Tilt Trays Used For?

Tilt trays are used to easily transport heavy or oversized loads. 

Any type of load that is difficult to lift off of the ground and onto a standard flatbed truck can instead be lifted and transported using a tilt tray. 

There are some types of loads that commonly need to be transported using a tilt tray.

A tow truck is transporting heavy machinery in Alice Springs , NT

How Does Tilt Tray Transportation Work?

The distinctive thing about tilt tray trucks is that they can be tilted so that the rear edge of the tray is touching the ground. This allows heavy loads to then be moved onto the tray without the need for a crane or boom.

The tilting tray is powered by a hydraulic system that lies beneath the bed of the truck.  When preparing to lift a load it’s important to make sure there’s enough space in front of the load for the tray to tilt.

There is a winch at the front of the tray that is used to pull loads onto the tray whilst it’s tilted.

Once the load is on, the hydraulic system then returns the tray to an upright position. The load can then be winched forward until it sits at the front of the tray.

Once secured, the truck can then safely transport the load.

Damage can easily be caused to the tilt tray if it is operated incorrectly, so it’s important that a tilt tray is only ever operated by trained professionals. Operators need to undergo thorough training before they can operate the tilt tray.

Two Tow Trucks with tilt trays - Alice Springs, NT
Transportation of a large shipping container with left trays - Alice Springs, NT

Transporting Large Shipping Containers With Tilt Trays

It’s usually incredibly difficult to lift large shipping containers onto a flatbed truck unless you have a large industrial crane available to do the lifting. 

However, a tilt tray truck allows you to easily load and transport the container.

Heavy Plant And Machinery Towing

Heavy plant and machinery such as construction or mining equipment can often be too large or heavy to load onto a flatbed truck. 

A tilt tray truck is a convenient alternative for safely transporting loads of this type.

Transporting a bulldozer usine a tilt tray tow truck in Alice Springs
Truck Towing Two Vehicles

What Is The Difference Between Tilt Trays And Side Lifting?

Side lifters are usually appropriate for transporting shipping containers.

Tilt trays need sufficient space in front of the load so that the train can be tilted. If there isn’t sufficient space available, side lifting is a good alternative.

With side lifting, the truck pulls up next to the load with the load on the driver’s side. It is then picked up by hydraulic cranes that are attached to the truck at each end of the chassis. It can then be loaded onto the tray. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a shipping container loaded by tilt tray?

The container is loaded at an angle onto the end of the tray, which is tilted to the ground. The truck then pulls back the tray until the container is fully loaded.


How is a shipping container unloaded by tilt tray?

Containers are off loaded by tilting the tray down to the ground. The container is slowly moved off as the truck slowly drives out from under the container.

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