24/7 Roadside Assistance Alice Springs

Emergency Roadside Assistance in Alice Springs

Outback Vehicle Recovery is an experienced towing company based in Alice Springs, providing services for customers throughout Central Australia. Locally owned and operated, our team of industry experts offers efficient and professional roadside assistance, equipment transport and emergency towing services.

We have been providing 24/7 emergency roadside assistance to residential and commercial clients throughout Alice Springs and Central Australia for over 35 years. We have a large fleet of specialist tow trucks in the local area, allowing us to respond quickly to any incident.

Our vehicles arrive with a wide range of replacement parts like batteries to get you back on the road fast, or we can transport you and your vehicle to the nearest mechanics at any time of day or night.

Towed Red Car - 24/7 Roadside Assistance in Alice Springs, NT
Towed Red Car - 24/7 Roadside Assistance in Alice Springs, NT

Outback Vehicle Recovery

We offer a wide range of roadside assistance services

Outback Vehicle Recovery has been providing efficient breakdown and towing services for clients throughout Alice Springs and beyond for more than 35 years. We are available for 24/7 emergency towing and roadside assist to help you whenever you need us. 

Our team specialise in :

Why Choose Outback Vehicle Recovery For Roadside Assist

OVR provides dependable roadside assistance in Alice Springs and the surrounding area. 

With vehicles capable of towing anything from a coach or 40-footer through to a car, truck, or heavy plant, we offer a 24/7 emergency vehicle recovery and breakdown service.

Call on (08) 8952 10 87.

Man is changing a flat tyre on the side of the road in Alice Springs
A car is getting towed away by a tilted tray truck as it has broken down in Alice Springs

4x4 Roadside Assistance

The main problem 4×4 drivers face when they break down, in addition to the inconvenience of not being able to complete their journey, is that they’re often stranded in a remote, inhospitable location. 

This can mean that conventional cars or trucks can’t come to the rescue, as the terrain is too challenging. It may also mean that help from other sources is unlikely, as 4×4 vehicles frequently operate off the beaten track.

OVR has invested heavily in high-grade, robust recovery vehicles that can cope with sand, mud, dirt and inclement weather. This means we can rescue you and your 4×4, no matter where you’ve ended up.

When Should I Call Outback Vehicle Recovery For Roadside Assist?

You can depend on us to fix your vehicle at the roadside if we possibly can. If not, we can take you and your vehicle safely to a suitable destination.

Two men looking at the engine of the car as they have broken down on the side of the road - Alice Springs

Vehicles can be recovered from complicated situations and difficult locations with confidence. We only hire highly skilled operators that will ensure that your vehicle receives excellent care in a timely manner without the risk of damage.

Our fleet of trucks allows us to accommodate the majority of vehicle types, which makes us Central Australia’s leading towing company. It doesn’t end there. Our clients can take advantage of a variety of services, including:

Adding Safety Straps To The Towed Car

Outback Vehicle Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

Arranging roadside assistance with OVR is easy. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call on 0889 521 087. Whether it’s the middle of the working day or early on a Sunday morning, our industry experts are here to answer your call.

Alternatively, if you have an enquiry about our heavy haulage, vehicle storage, towing, or roadside assistant services, you can contact our team online here.

Roadside assistance means that when you call us, we’ll come out to your location when you’ve broken down on the road. In most cases, we will try and get your vehicle started or repaired to continue on your onward journey. If we can’t fix the vehicle, we’ll take it and you to where you need to go, be that home, to a garage or elsewhere.

If you’ve got an engine problem, pull into a safe place if you possibly can and call us out.

Suppose you have adequate illumination to do so safely. In that case, you may be able to get moving by putting cardboard, the car mats, fabric, or something similar under the front of the stuck wheel(s), then, using low revs, attempt to move forward across the firmer surface the mats will provide.

For drivers who aren’t sure how deep the mud is around their vehicle or who can’t try using mats to gain some traction, we recommend getting to a place of safety (if you can leave the vehicle safely, do so) and then calling us out.

In a word, yes! Although you can start a car with jump leads, another vehicle is required, and you also need to be competent in using jump leads. If you call us out, we can be with you rapidly and get you started promptly.

Call us on (08) 8952 10 87.

Outback Vehicle Recovery

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No matter what you need, our team is dedicated to providing excellent services at an affordable price, whether you’re in need of roadside assistance or interstate freight services. Feel free to contact us anytime for a free estimate. Call Outback Vehicle Recovery on (08) 8952 1087.